• free
    • FREE
    • MICRO Business
    • 49 AZN/per month.
    • Small Business


    • 149 AZN/per month.
    • medium Business
    • 199 AZN/per month.
    • EnterPrise
    • 9/10
    • 9/10
    • 10/10
    • 10/10
    • Cashback
      Return part of the purchase price to your regular customers
    • Discount
      Give a discount to your regular customers
    • Bonus
      Your regular customers will receive bonuses for each purchase
    • MemberShip
      Provide your regular customers with subscriptions for exclusive prices
    • Cashback Cumulative
      Return the percentage of the purchase to the customer’s account, which will increase according to the the amount they have spent
    • Discount Cumulative
      Provide a discount that will increase depending on the amount spent
    • Bonus Cumulative
      Give bonuses to your regular customers, where the accrual method will vary depending on the accumulated amount
    • The generation of loyalty cards
      Create and attach loyalty cards
    • Transactions
      Perform transactions on loyal cards (accrual / debit)
    • Create Groups
      Create customer groups for their segmentation
    • 5/7
    • 5/7
    • 7/7
    • 7/7
    • The Number of Customers
      Maximum allowed number of clients which can be added to the database
    • 50
    • 300
    • 1000
    • 10000
    • Success Manager
      If you have faced any problem with controlling the site, our manager would help you.
    • Client file
      Add customers to the database, indicating the key personal data
    • Upload customer list
      Upload the ready list of clients from the Excell file
    • Clients Base List
      View, edit and delete customer list
    • Sending notifications
      Send text notifications about important events in your company
    • Customer Groups
      Create separate customer groups for convenience / segmentation
    • 11/16
    • 15/16
    • 16/16
    • 16/16
    • Creating and launch promotions
      Create promotions and reward your customers
    • SMS mailings
      Notify your customers by SMS mailing
    • SenderName
      Company name, which can be used in SMS sending. Activations take 2-3 days
    • Label
      The tool that chooses customer's name automatically while you are creating promotions,notifications,birthday celebration and etc.
    • Facebook Post
      The ability to make a post on the page of an organization on Facebook, directly through the platform InLoya. It helps to get additional information about your clients in social media
    • Instagram Post
      You can post a photo of your promotion on Instagram page on the InLoya platform. It helps to get additional information about your clients in social media
    • E-mail Newsletter
      Notify customers of promotions by sending them emails
    • Autopilot
      Specify launch dates and promotions, and the platform will automatically launch a promotion instead of you
    • Cyclicity
      The ability to reuse the promotion
    • Newsletter without action
      Send notification about promotions
    • Coupon Promotion
      Discounts on grouped specific goods / services
    • Voucher promotion
      Customer incentives after purchasing a product/service a certain number of times
    • Discount Promotion
      Understanding the price of the service / goods for a certain period of time
    • Status of created promotions
      View the list of shares created
    • Search for promotional codes
      The ability to search for promotional code
    • Templates
      Create promo and save them in templates to speed up your work in the future
    • 0/8
    • 1/8
    • 5/8
    • 8/8
    • Birthdays
      Congratulate customers with their birthdays by encouraging them to purchase
    • Welcome Bonus
      Encourage the client with a special offer as soon as he becomes your client / after the very first registration
    • Filled fields
      Reward the customer for all completed fields after registration
    • 30 days of silence
      Send automatically a special offer to those who have not used your promotions for 30 days
    • Lost customers
      Restore contact with "lost" customers who have not made a purchase for a long time
    • Most loyal customers
      Motivate your most loyal customers to spend more, rewarding them automatically
    • Friends of my clients
      Ask your customers to send their friends
    • New customers from the mobile application
      Get more customers to follow you with the InLoya mobile app
    • 1/2
    • 1/2
    • 2/2
    • 2/2
    • Statistics
      Statistics on the response to the actions, the schedule of gender and age of customers, statistics on loyal cards, etc.
    • Detailed analysis
      View detailed analysis of the work done (report about transactions, used promotional codes, promotions etc.)
    • 3/3
    • 3/3
    • 3/3
    • 3/3
    • Scanning
      Scan the QR code for customer identification or reward
    • Additional sum
      Add bonuses/amounts to the balance of your client
    • Write off
      Write off bonuses / amounts from your client’s balance
  • Full functionality with Your additional settings and wishes

Please note that this is valid for B2C Programs. For B2B / B2E / B2B2C Programs please contact our Sales Team.

In order to get more detailed information contact us on number: +994 55 285 8440

The amount of SMS, Email and Push notifications is not exact and can be increased for additional charge.