For the first time in the Azerbaijani market, the IT platform, created by local developers, signed a partnership agreement with the international payment technology company Visa in order to create a loyalty building platform for micro, small and medium-sized businesses. This accomplishment undoubtedly plays an important role in the development of the local IT-sphere within the global industry.


The terms of the agreement allow holders of Visa Business and Visa Platinum Business corporate cards from 14 countries in Southeast Europe and the CIS to register on the platform and obtain Medium tariff services free of charge within 6 months. After 6 months, it will be possible to continue using the platform with a discount of up to 80% percent.


The project was thought out, created and launched by the Azerbaijani Frazex LLC company in 2018. Through the automation of marketing solutions, allows its clients to build customer relationships, gain loyalty, increase average check, and enhance service quality.


The platform integrates all the business solutions required and will allow its users to:


1. Create your own loyalty program;

2. Automate marketing campaigns;

3. Visualize statistical data;

4. Work with a customer base;

5. Collect customer reviews in an unusual format;

6. Accompany each client throughout his life.


We are glad to start cooperation and hope that our joint efforts will contribute to increased awareness among local businesses about the possibilities of scaling and exporting services to the world arena, and thus will give impetus to the growth of the Azerbaijani IT-sphere, the geography of cooperation to be expanded”, said Jamal Khasaev, CEO of


Christina Dorosh, regional manager of Visa in the Caucasus region, believes that Visa privileges will allow small and medium-sized business representatives in the Caucasus region to continue their active work throughout the pandemic.


It's easy to connect to the platform and get privileges! You just need to register on the website, confirming that you are a Visa Business or Visa Platinum Business cardholder. Connecting to the platform and having privileges is easy! All you need to do is just register on the website and confirm that you are Visa Business or Visa Platinum Business cardholder.


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