How It works

InLoya is the platform aimed at retention of current clients and creation of more stable trade relationships. We offer a tool that will give you an opportunity to draft marketing communications, hold the monitoring of stock qualities, find out the preferences of clients and get even closer to the client based on these preferences.

  • 1st step - selection of the loyalty programme
  • Choose the loyalty programme that is the most suitable for your business and will be the most useful for your regular clients.
  • 2nd step - Addition of the client base
  • Widen the client base by adding longtime and new customers in order to establish communication with them and reach the better understanding of their needs.
  • 3rd step - Creation of the campaign
  • Consider the details such as the title, implementation mechanism, the beginning and end of the campaign, operations of staff for its realization and add the information to the system.
  • 4th step- Informing the clients
  • Notify the whole client base or group of clients via SMS/Email/social networking sites/Push notifications.

  • AutoPilot- is the additional function aimed at saving time and allowing the autonomous launch of the campaign.