Especially for our partners, we have prepared a unique offer on mutually beneficial terms for business cooperation. Becoming our partner, you are getting modern and required marketing techniques in order to develop your business.

Why it will be profitable for you to become a partner of InLoya:

- A powerful tool, which allows you to develop the business of your customers.
- Distinguish you from your competitors
- The possibility to get a flow of new clients.   
- Asist to increase the income of your business.

The capabilities of the “InLoya” platform for your customers:

1.Multifunctional interface for creating promotions allows your customers to expand their database
2.You can select and quickly launch an appropriate loyalty program, which will stimulate a regular customer and increase the average check
3.Feedback from customers will help to track customer satisfaction in terms of quality and better identifies their needs
4.Using segmentation of clients, you will be able to create automated targeted marketing programs

From now on, you can always show your customers the high-effectiveness of work.