Science about Customer

Within the framework of the Visa partnership, Visa Business and Visa Platinum Business Card holders are granted special privileges when operating with the platform.

Free usage of Visa "Medium" Tariff during the first 6 month

Privileges for Visa Business cardholders in 14 countries!

Free usage of the platform during the first 6 months.

Next 6 months will be with up to 80% discount*

  • Azerbaijan
  • Georgia
  • Ukraine
  • Kazakhstan
  • Turkmenistan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Macedonia
  • Tajikistan
  • Belarus
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Serbia
  • Moldova
  • Montenegro

What is InLoya?

Innovative solution for establishing effective relationship with the customer of your company

What does it give?

Integrate the latest opportunities in your business and admire the results

  • Increase the average check

  • Keep loyal customers

  • Attract unique customers

  • Improve the service quality

Standard "Medium" Tariff

$702 during the first 6 month

Next 6 month wiil be $702

$ 117 / month

Visa "Medium" Tariff

Free usage during the first 6 month

Next 6 month wiil be with up to
$702 (80% discount)

Free / 6 month

How does it work?**

6 steps of business transformation

  • Select "Medium" tarif on the platform

  • Enter a promotional code and get a discount by the Visa Business Cards project***

  • Integrate loyalty program in one click

  • Add customers to database

  • Create promotion strategy and reward your customers

  • Send notifications through omnichannel mailing

High efficiency

Innovative solutions

Highly qualified team

Benefits of InLoya

Businessmen from all over the world are composing their success story with us. Why?

Profitable offers


24/7 technical and customer support

No additional IT knowledge required

What should I know?

What will I get?


1. An innovative loyalty program from scratch that will help you keep existing clients and make them loyal to your brand. It can be both traditional cashbacks and discounts as well as loyalty schemes that are multi-stage and accumulative. Furthermore, for special days, you can create and schedule all types of promotions and delight your clients.

2. With only a few clicks, the complete automation of marketing software improves the frequency of customer visits. Happy birthday customer greetings, welcome bonuses, lost customer rewards, social media lead generation, and more.

3. You will have the ability to find out what consumers think of your brand and enhance contact with them by interactively gathering customer feedback. Using a text comment and a rating scale, we offer to gather feedback and also provide an opportunity for customers to send photo/video or voice message records.

4. An integrated approach would lead to an improvement in the quality of your service using different resources on the InLoya platform. You are assured to earn the finest service ratings in the eyes of your customers and develop their loyalty over time.

What will MY clients get?


1. A personalized loyalty card, which can be either physical or digital.

2. Special rewards on special days and various promotions.

3. Information via SMS, E-mail and PUSH notifications about your brand.

4. The ability to reach the customer’s gratitude or complain before this information gets to social networks.

How will this increase my profit?


We were able to identify the following trend BEFORE and AFTER working with the InLoya platform using the examples of hundreds of entrepreneurs we work with:

1. Frequency of purchases doubled

2. Increase in the number of new customers by 25%

3. Increase in average check by 30%

*80% for a one-time payment and 50% for a monthly

**This offer applies to the "Medium" tariff

***The promotion code is the first 6 numbers of your Visa Business or Visa Platinum Business card