About us

The InLoya.com platform is a Frazex-owned independent innovative product. Frazex began its activity in 2008 as a management and loyalty consulting company. Since 2015, Frazex has developed into a multidisciplinary organization that invests in promising and scalable initiatives and projects.



Our clients are our partners. We are creating the best conditions for our partners for getting the maximum profit from the sales of your product.



Our working principle is based on mutual trust and maximum information transparency. Our customer and his/her interests are always in the focus of attention.



The efficiency of the platform will help you to establish long-term relationships with your clients that as a result will lead to the increased loyalty to your organization and an increase of the average bill.


Our aim is to get you closer to your client and take advantage of their potential.


We help you to create an appropriate loyalty programme, simplify the way of the client to the reward using modern channels of communication.


Innovation, productivity and simplicity –are the main principles that guiding us and we apply them to all projects at all stages.