Branded mobile application in 10 days

Digital relationship with your customers in just one application

What is it?

A branded mobile application is a unique opportunity, which helps your customers can get all the necessary information about your business (geolocation, information about the company, current promotions, and much more) as well as track their accumulative bonuses, discounts and cashback.

What does it include?

- Maps with the geolocation of your branches

- Unique digital loyalty cards for each client

- "FeedBack" automation

- Adding clients in the database while registering

- Setting up an informational PUSH mailing for your clients

How it works?


You can extend the audience by virtue of the welcome and referral promo codes.


By downloading a mobile app to the phone, your customers will keep your brand in the pocket.


Digital loyalty cards embedded in the branded mobile application from can automatically issue bonus cards.


Information about your loyal programs is instantly updated on the mobile phones of your clients.

How to order?

The mobile application is included in every tariff on the platform. By choosing one of them, you can get a branded mobile application in just 10 days.

Want to try ?

Choose one of the InLoya tariffs and check your ideal mobile application in action.

Take a step towards the increase in revenue!