Marketing Automation just in 1 minute

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What is it?

Marketing Automation is a series of automated business solutions that allow your business to design a system of interactive dialogue with clients quickly and efficiently, maximize revenue, turn the customer's potential in your direction and monitor business development.

What does it include?

- Promotions on special occasions

- Various mailing ways

- Integration with social networks (Facebook, Instagram)

Pick one of the indicated tariffs on the platform and automate campaigns immediately after the client base is loaded!

You do not even need an IT wizard since every marketing solution can be personalized by yourself!

How it works?


Set up targeted promotions for special occasions (for a birthday, for inviting a friend, for a lost client, etc.).


Use the purchased mailing balance and distribute the messages by type of promotions (voucher, coupon, discount).


Set up personalized SMS messaging, PUSH notifications and e-mail messaging based on the contact information you have.


Motivate and reward customers with special post-transaction offers.

Autopilot function introduces a special feature - the "Autopilot" function. The campaigns to be submitted in advance can be set up with this feature. All you need to simply just select the number of days for which the notification should be sent, determine the exact time, add a description, and click on the "Start" button!

Take a step towards the increase in revenue!