Loyalty program in just one click.

Attracting new and retaining regular customers through one platform

Loyalty program

• Statistics show that loyal customers spend 10 times more new customers. At the same time, the cost of attracting one new customer is approximately 5 times higher than the cost of retaining a regular one.

• Check it out with the InLoya.com platform!

• Choose one of the rewards types and you will be able to satisfy your customers within 1 minute.

Loyalty Programs that InLoya.com platform can provide specially for you:

• Bonuses

• Cumulative bonuses

• Discounts

• Cumulative discounts

• Cashback

• Cumulative cashback

• Membership

The desire to win customer loyalty will encourage you instead of answering the question "How I can attract a new customer?" look for the answer to "How much can I sell to each of my current customers?"

Features of our Loyalty Programs:

Easily create and manage powerful targeted promotions to attract your customers.

Automate the issuance of loyalty cards and customers can track their bonuses through a mobile application.

Set an infinite number of status levels and flexibly configure update and storage rules depending on various criteria.

The loyalty program offered by our platform will help you:

• Attract new clients

• Retain regular customers

• Get in touch with lost clients

• Increase the average check of the enterprise

• Improve the quality of service.

Achieving customer loyalty is not hard! The main thing is to be able to correctly build strategies and effectively use the appropriate loyalty tools.

Take a step towards the increase in revenue!