Do you know what can happen if your Beauty Salon can get the loyalty of at least one client?

Sometimes it becomes increasingly difficult for potential customers to choose one salon from a huge number of them, as it seems that they provide completely different types of service. Previously, each beauty salon had its own circle of customers who came to the same place for several years to receive certain services. But today, people are a dime a dozen runs for the desire to try out the spurious-new equipment or for the “Opening” sign. Nevertheless, even those one-time visits do not proceed to anything and the salons continue to lose the clients. Why do you think this is happening?

Create the unique Loyalty Program for your beauty salon in just 1 minute. 

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We assume that the essence of this problem lies not only in the fact that in the past there were fewer talented makeup artists than now, and not because of the number of new salons that are growing at an unprecedented pace. The problem is the salon owner's lack of time and money to formulate a structured "customer loyalty" strategy and ability to build the client's emotional affiliation to the business.

So, how to ensure this emotional affiliation?

It's worth noting that many extravagant advertisements that salon representatives spend on have become old-fashioned and people today believe more reviews or friends' advice. Thus, concepts like loyalty and an individual approach to visitors become significantly imperative.

People consider that the Loyalty Program have been developed primarily for the customer retention, and not for their attraction. However, winning the confidence of just one customer, you can be sure that the 90 percent he/she will refer his/her friends to your salon and as a result you will not only be able to keep this client but also get two new ones.


In less than 1 minute you can launch your own Loyalty Program. The unique platform, through which you can run processes in double-quick time, can help you to:

  • automate the customer loyalty management system by choosing one of the methods: bonuses, discounts or cashback;
  • track customers activity;
  • adjust the function «Happy birthday greetings»;
  • put on the autopilot notifications about promotions and discounts;
  • build relationships with new customers or restore relationships with lost ones;
  • use QR code technology to instantly receive feedback from customers;
  • conduct marketing campaigns;
  • easily rank customer base;
  • reward customers for inviting friends;
  • observe the statistics of activity;
  • set up ways of relationships with customers through automated SMS messages, push notifications or emails.

In addition to the above privileges, you can also take advantage of new opportunities and create own ecommerce shop in just 24 hours where you can sell cosmetic products. We also have a function that enables you to launch a mobile application within 10 days of contacting our staff and this mobile app will help you install a digital card in it so your customers don't forget to visit you.

For more sophisticated and integrated loyalty program designs, you can reach our team or leave a request on -and we will call you back!

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You may not have anticipated, but your clients can miraculously perform for you – just give them the right motivation.