Do you ever imagine that you can profit from building a proper relationship with your restaurant's customers and navigate their life cycle? 

Here and now we will reveal some secrets for you!

Would you like to have a restaurant that stands out among the rivals not only in terms of salad prices but also in terms of a unique approach to each guest and at the same time benefits from this? We know it's not easy. But this is more than possible with unique product! 

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It's no secret that competition in the restaurant business is growing day by day - new places can be seen on almost every street. That's why continued existence on this market is becoming more and more troublesome. In order to advance the market, ordinary restaurants seek to cut food prices, invest a ton of money in advertising or hire the most expensive chef in the country. However, the chef's name is far from customers interests, and the strategies instead of success can lead to a complete bankruptcy of the business.

So, what can make visitors come back to you? People came up with a restaurant underwater, restaurant under the darkness and even a tea house on the tree, and nothing new seems to be imaginable. What else can society attract if tasty food on its own does not work nicely?


The answer is straightforward - let the guest feel that he is special

Yes! Because customers of the 21st century are the people who surround themselves with modern gadgets 24/7, pay considerable attention to interaction with institutions and prefer a new level of relationship. For these reasons, it is necessary to find an individual approach to each of the client and be able to properly manage their life cycle. Unique Product - Helps You Automate These Processes!

A Unique Loyalty Program developed by foremost experts is one of the approaches.


Loyalty Program is a tool that can help you to efficiently establish relationships with customers. This method can not only attract potential clients and move you apart from competitors, but also increase the business average check.

Let us analyse some effective promotions you can launch in your restaurant with the special product:


  • Launch the “Free cake for every 50 units” campaign and get rid of the already perishable product and at the same time increase the average check;
  • Congratulate your clients by sending them an automatically generated message “Happy Birthday! Come and get your free dessert!” and motivate him to spend his birthday with you;
  • Design and inform your customers by e-mail about the offer “Discount on the most popular meal while booking a table for 4 people or more” and increase the number of unique guests.


Moreover, these functions can operate on an automatic mode by autopilot. You do not have to get distracted from the main business duties by launching advertising campaigns, tracking the stock output and more. Our unique decision can do all of it instead of you.

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And remember, the one who use the right tactics, managed to achieve customer loyalty always succeeds in fighting for the market.