Collect reviews in few seconds

Develop customer trust in your business and instantly boost the quality of the service or product you provide.

What is it?

FeedBack is the latest approach for gathering customer reviews that will allow you to emphasize their value and develop the loyalty to the brand. This feature enables you get closer to consumer attitudes, take the wishes into account, and thus increase the number of them.

What does it include?


Creation of a unique QR code


Creation of an unlimited number of QR codes with the ability to track in various locations


Getting detailed statistics of responses


Interactive interaction with clients

Distinctive features

The team of project has developed a new way of gathering feedback that will help visualize and audiolize customer comments.

- Text feedback (typed text)

- Photo feedback (sending photo images)

- Audio feedback (recorded voice message)

- Video feedback (recorded video message)

How it works?


You fill out the questions yourself and choose in what format you want to receive feedback, whether it is just comment (without a question), whether it is a choice of one of the answer options or a request for a detailed answer to your question.


You can print the generated electronic QR code and mark it in the room or when packing the goods. Your visitors will immediately go to the page with questions, having scanned it.

Take a step towards the increase in revenue!